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a fresh start

Often, starting a new life chapter requires extensive organization. These situations, whether joyful or sorrowful, create distraction and add chaos at a time that is already distracting and chaotic. Jen helps clients move forward thoughtfully and methodically with the goal of  organization as paramount.


Helping couples divide up belongings—a careful balancing act when couples are at odds—and work with both parties to navigate and organize the process.



When merging households, and when children are included, integrating belongings, habits and lifestyles with systems can create all the difference


Grief and Loss

Guiding clients on sorting through belongings of loved ones with care and objectivity.


When children move out of the house the feeling is often bittersweet. Taking action to sort and organize  children’s belongings and memorabilia  - prioritizing what to keep - can be quite therapeutic

Career Changes

Starting a new career or returning to work after  a hiatus, is a call to action for new priorities and systems

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