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A large part of JKB Organizing is helping clients move in and out of their homes. They assist with the entire process, starting with a specific plan.

For moving out, eliminating excess, efficiently pre packing, sorting, labeling, working efficiently with moving companies, and tying up loose ends are all critical for a low stress, efficient and seamless move.

For moving in, coordinating systems for the homeowner and movers to understand and follow is crucial. Equally as important is unpacking efficiently and mindfully, analyzing floor plans to maximize space, and setting up workable systems for each unique homeowner.

​JKB Organizing works with clients who are upsizing, downsizing, rightsizing, moving overseas, moving loved ones to assisted living, and coordinating with clients of multiple residences. Helping to make those difficult decisions about a lifetime’s worth of possessions is Jen’s forte.


save time, money & stress

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